I just write about olive. The olive smell is good, look like very fresh. The olive is food, when you eat olive, bite down, stiff, rough, your mouth feeling was sour, long chewing the mouth feel mouthful of fragrance, food for thought. Olive can make olive oil, I think olive oil have a lot family like use it, use olive oil cooking food. Sometime, when you does have appetite in your dinner time, you can eat some olive, because the olive have appetizing function. When I was in childhood, in the dinner time, when I don’t have appetite, my mother give me some olive to eat, then I am hungry, then I was eat food now. In my family, we use olive oil to cooking food, the food smell is good. The olive is important for me, because it make me remember a lot of me and my cousin. In one’s childhood, summer time I was like going to my grandfather house to play with my cousin. I just take bus for half hour going to my grandfather and my cousin house, because my grandfather and my cousin they reside in together. When I come to the house, they feeling was happy, because my grandfather like to see me, and my cousin like play for me together. Then me and my cousin and elder female cousin, we like to play in mountains and field, because in the mountains have olive tree, we just play in mountains and pick olive. The olive tree is so high, but that can’t stop us from picking olives, we just climbing for olive tree picking olives. Every time I eat at this olive, I remember how much fun for me.

Year: 2011

– Kaiduo Chen

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