Ecuadorian and Guatemalan Food

Everyday my family eats dinner with each other. Considering that our only time together throughout the weekdays. In Ecuador, people eat a lot of rice, which my mother is really good at making. In Guatemala, they eat almost the same things, because they are so close in culture. On my mom’s side of the family all of the women are good at cooking: including my grandma, aunt, mom, and me. I’ve learned to cook and follow recipes with the help from my mom. The thing that truly shows who we are is the type of food my mother cooks. In this picture it shows that my mother cooks Ecuadorian food and has a mix of Guatemalan seasoning to it. We usually like to eat a lot of lentils and rice, and my mom likes to change it up by adding chicken or steak. In this case we had steak with our rice and lentils.

– Waleska Torres

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