Arroz con Gandules

Arroz con Guandules
Arroz con Guandules

Growing up in a big Hispanic family, we have a lot of family dinners and celebrate a lot occasions. During these celebrations we always have this dish called Arroz con Gandules, in English it means rice and beans. Arroz con Gandules is a very popular dish in Puerto Rico. The recipe consists of rice, pigeon beans, and sometimes pork. Like I said, we eat this dish usually during holidays like Christmas, Thanksgiving, and also for birthday parties too. This tradition has been performed for as long as I could remember, and everytime we eat this dish I feel like it brings us (my family) together, the rice is just so good and the dish is one of the only foods that many of my family members look forward to when they come over to my house.  This dish is important to me because the recipe is passed down from my grandma and will someday be passed down to me. It seems exciting to learn how to make rice and I am ecstatic to eat rice more often now that it's getting closer to the holidays. 

Place(s): Puerto Rico
Year: 1900

– Mikayla P

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