Murukku is a savory, crunchy South Indian snack that is made on the Indian holiday of Diwali. Although I wouldn’t call myself the biggest fan of Indian food I love Murukku. Unquestionably it is my favorite snack. My grandmother makes this snack several times a year for my family and we can’t get enough of it. Like popcorn or cookies, Murukku is addicting; One moment I could be putting my hand in a full ziploc bag and the next I would feel only crumbs. Murukku is a special food to me because it reminds me and connects me to my grandmother. Every time I go visit my grandmother in New Jersey I can smell the murukku being made in the kitchen. On the other hand if my Mom goes to New Jersey by herself, I wait all day for her to come home just so I can eat the murukku my grandmother makes. My Mom, though tries to make murukku like my grandma, can’t make it the same. During Diwali many of my cousins come over. First we always go outside and light up fireworks. Afterwards we usually go play video games or go to the basement. No matter where we go there is always several bags of murukku to share among us. We all crave the murukku on this day and Diwali wouldn’t be as special as it is without it. Ultimately murukku is important to me because it is part of my culture and the bond it creates between my grandmother and me. It is a snack that has been passed down through the generations originating from India and is a food I intend to learn how to make so I can pass it down to my children

Year: 1967

– Gokul Ravi

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