Haitian food

Haitian griot made at a party
Haitian griot made at a party

The picture is the food that we make in Haiti. That food is called Griot and it is a cultural food that is made in most Haitian household. When you come here to the United States, you might think that you will not find this food but if you go to a Haitian person party, you will definitely see these dishes. They taste really good and I haven't heard of a person who has tried them but didn't like it a lot. You don't find this food specifically anywhere else than the Country it is from, or the people from the country that are now living in other countries. When there is a party at school, this dishes will most definitely be brought by a Haitian person. So if you ever go to a party and you see this food, you should definitely try it.

Place(s): Haiti


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