In Fun

If you look up the word softball, the definition comes up as “a modified form of baseball played on a smaller field with a larger ball, seven rather than nine innings, and underarm pitching”. However, softball means a lot more than that to me. Whether it was as a stress reliever, a place of peace, or a source of happiness, softball was always there for me. There was never a time in my life when I do not remember playing softball. When I turned five, I laced up my cleats, and decided to follow in my sister’s footsteps. Softball shaped my life drastically. Not the sport itself, but the people I met and the memories I made from playing. Through the years, my teammates were supportive, cheering for me, on and off of the field. The teammates I had were more than just friends. They were the people I can lean on, the people who pushed me past my limits, and the people that told me that I can do anything even if I think I can not. There are not many people in my life that will ever be as supportive and influential as my teammates are for me, and softball provided me the opportunity to meet them. Life which is full of change and unpredictable events, gave me one constant “something” I could turn to at all times, softball.

Year: 2008

– Rachel Katz

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