Egg and Horse Objects

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Relationship: Child of im/migrant

My objects are two fairytale characters from Russia. One is an egg and the other is a horse. I chose these objects because it reminds my dad of his childhood. My grandma used to tell him fairytale stories when he was a child in St. Petersburg, Russia. The horse and the egg are made of paper mache. In addition, the egg is made up of wood as well. My dad got them in 1979. He bought it in a flea market in his hometown. The horse and the egg are beautifully decorated with lots of colors. There are many prints of flowers on the top which makes these toys very attractive. These toys are based on specific characters in fairytales. So, my father wanted them here because it reminded him of his culture.In Russia, children used these objects as finger toys to enact stories. Military might was an important part of Russian culture. The stories enacted supported this culture. The way my objects were used is to depict these characters in finger play. It’s also special to me because it contrasts the way my dad grew up in Russia and from the way I am growing up in America. My dad brought this for the purpose to let me understand how his life was in Russia. These objects are important to my story because they let me think about Russia. And all of the things that they had in Russia that I may never experience since I am growing up in America. In spite of that, I feel very connected to Russia.

Year: 1979

– Soren

Relationship:  Child of im/migrant Child of im/migrant