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Relationship: Im/migrant
Practicing a shooting technique
Practicing a shooting technique

A soccer ball has been the glue to me and my happiness. I’ve played all my life. Everyday and everynight. And not just me, my whole family. Back in El Salvador my father used to play in leagues, but he's stopped ever since he migrated to the U.S back in 1980. I started playing at the young age of 2. That was when I kicked a soccer ball for the first time. Since then I’ve found a love for the game. I wasn’t really good when I was younger. Honestly, I was pretty trash. But then as I got older, something got into me and I started going crazy. They say practice makes perfect, but I didn't really practice at all. I guess the genes for it just kicked in late. Soccer is one of the things i'm best at, and I'm really proud of how far i've gotten since the start. It's my biggest dream to be able to one day, walk onto the big stage with everybody chanting my name and yelling scream while I step onto the field. Very unlikely, but I could never count myself out. Soccer has been one of the biggest factors for who I am today. It's taught me to never stop chasing the bag (pursue your dreams) and to work hard. I hope one day my parents get to watch me as I play through their TV in their small home one day. 

Place(s): Lowell MA, Waltham MA, soccer fields
Year: 1980

– JM

Relationship:  Im/migrant Im/migrant