Snoogie Woogie
Snoogie Woogie

When I was 4-5 years old my family was driving back to our house after running errand, right down the street of our house was a garage sale. My mom loves garage sales because she thinks that its cool to see what other people have and she like to walk around the neighborhood to them. My dad doesn't like them though, so when we were driving home he didn't stop at it even though my mom wanted to check it out. When we got home my brother and I played together and my dad started to make dinner, my mom said she was going to go on a walk. So my mom walked down to the garage sale we saw while driving down the street. There she didn't see anything special and then, she saw a huge pink blanket with flying pigs on them and knew she had to get it. My mom brought it up to the lady whose sale it was and she asked how much it cost and the lady said that everything there was free, so my mom had to take it. The next day in the afternoon she brought it out and handed it to me and said, "surprise," I was so happy because it was huge and fluffy at the time! I remember that I draped it over my shoulders and pretended it was a cape and ran around the house with it. It was always lying over my lap at dinner, came on every vacation, and has lost its fluffiness over multiple years. Now Snoogie Woogie is a blanket that is draped over my bed and has been to every backyard campfire. I've grown up with it and its something I will bring with me everywhere. I think its good that everyone has some sort of thing that they grew up with and can hold memories with, even if it's just a blanket.

Place(s): New York

– AG.

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