Small Blanket

Relationship: Child of im/migrant
A red-orange colored blanket/carpet. Hand-knitted by my grandmother.
A red-orange colored blanket/carpet. Hand-knitted by my grandmother.

My object is a blanket my grandmother knit. This blanket was one of the few belongings my parents had taken with them on their immigration journey to America. She made blankets, pillow cases, quilts and many more, always having good precision and making very detailed designs. Although knitting can be difficult and time consuming, my grandmother loved to knit. Being the strong willed woman she was, my grandmother always completed her pieces until the end. My dad would remember her going out into the garden and pulling out her glasses and a chair from the kitchen to sit down every afternoon. At some point she began to sell her pieces of work to help make money so that she could provide for her children. It was hard making pieces but she made them because she also knew in the end it would pay off. She knew she would be helping out her children so she knitted regardless of how tedious it was. That was the type of person she was, loving and caring, sacrificing things for the well being of others. My grandmother and my family in general were supportive towards my parents and loved them unconditionally, so this piece represents the love of my grandmother, it is physical evidence of her hard work. Having my grandmothers support along with the many other family members in their home country helped them during their tough times immigrating. Although my grandmother has passed, we still feel her love. From the things she made for us to the constant support and love she gave to her children serving as what now are treasured memories. We have an ofrenda to honor her.

Place(s): Cuautla, Morelos
Year: 2003

– Keilyn

Relationship:  Child of im/migrant Child of im/migrant