Saint Michael The Archangel

Relationship: Im/migrant
Saint Michael
Saint Michael

Before leaving my country (Venezuela) 6 years ago, my mother gave me a small sculpture of Saint Michael the Archangel, this image has travelled with me to the different countries where I have lived, it is very important to me because I came from a catholic country and family, and as a catholic man who believes in God, I am totally sure that Saint Michael the Archangel has blessed my journey as an immigrant, putting on my way wonderful people and good opportunities to growth in different ways. As you can see on the photo that I posted, the sculpture is broken, but I want to keep it with me for the rest of my life. This image represent my faith, a way to connect with God and Jesus and my mother.

I am so glad to be in America, a country where its people believe in God regardless what religion they practice. I was very surprised when I got here because I did not have idea about how believer Americans are, here I found a wonderful catholic community, my parish is located in Dallas, Texas and its name is All Saints. 

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Place(s): Venezuela, America
Year: 2016

– Gustavo

Relationship:  Im/migrant Im/migrant