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An arrangement from 2012 my mother did
An arrangement from 2012 my mother did

Though I feel I am more american then immigrant, being a white man who is 4th generation, there is only one particular item that has transcended the generations.  and though this item is not a specific item but a type of item; silk flowers.  My great  great grandfather on my mothers side was one of the first florist in Boston and had a shop in the city in the 1890's. My grandfather learned everything  from  his wife's  father  and though did not carry on the business in full my mothers house was always filled with fresh cut flowers, and though my mother begged to learn the family skill she was not allowed due to her gender.  My mother always loved flowers, they filled the house at all times; but she never had the skill to use real flowers instead  they were always silk. The vases would change and so would the  seasonal arrangements but the flowers would always be found in our house.  Today I continue this tradition with my own twist. I don't keep silk flowers because they keep to much dust, but I dry flowers and keep a dried bouquet of flowers  on my dining room table.  Because a house is no home without flowers. 

Place(s): Boston

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