Ship Manifest

My Grandfather immigrated from Ireland in 1907.  This is the copy of the ship’s manifest.  It is a record of all the passengers on the ship that sailed into Ellis Island. He was nine years old when he left Ireland for America.  This was in 1911.  Back then, you needed a sponsor, and a medical exam to come over from Europe.  I never met my grandfather, he passed away before I was born.  But when look at this manifest, I think of my Dad who passed away in 2006.  My grandparents had eleven children and because of that my grandfather was always working.  They grew up in Bayside, Queens during the Great Depression. My dad was relentless about finding information about his family.  He was always researching his geneology and checking for information.  I think because he was never able to spend a lot of quality time with his father he wasn’t able to ask many questions about his family history in Ireland, before landing here.  That could be why he was such an attentive father to me and my brothers and sister.  Each time I go to visit my mother I see the framed manifest and think mostly of my Dad, but also of my grandfather and his struggle to make it in a new place at such a young age.  I think he would be proud of his lineage and his decision to come here.  This manifest makes me proud of my grandfather and to be Irish.

Year: 1907

– Tracy S

Relationship:  Grandchild of im/migrant Grandchild of im/migrant