Picture of my Grandfather.

       Being Italian, Jamaican and Puerto Rican I am not the typical American boy. I’ve always had doubt about how American I really am. But this picture of my Grandfather has always reassured me. My Grandfather on my father’s side served in world war two during the 1940s. My great Grandfather was an immigrant from Italy. He felt apart of America after immigrating here and had no problem with his son fighting in the war despite fighting against Italy. I feel this alone represents so much more than the actual war itself. It demonstrates our families American identity. This is why this picture means so much to me. Not only do I know this doubt I deal with is regular I also know my great-Grandfather and grandfather went through this same self-doubt. The feeling of being stuck between American or not American is hard to deal with. But when I look at this picture that doubt is eliminated. This is my home and I am American. 

Place(s): Italy, America, Brooklyn, New York

– Max Ragusa

Relationship:  Grandchild of im/migrant Grandchild of im/migrant