Relationship: Child of im/migrant

First my born was Seoul. Seoul is capital city of Korea. After two months we arrived from Korea to India for my dad’s work. I attended in school. At that time my best friend was Tristan. I can remember his character and the most fun play. He was very kind and funny. Ours most fun play was driving toy car. I didn't had that car, so wanted to go his house every day. But now I can't meet him. If I meet him, I want to talk our reminiscence with him. So I lived in India for five and half years. And I came back to Korea. First I lived in Suwon. That city is next to Seoul and it was very big. At that time I was five years old, so I stared in kindergarden again. I made a new friends in there. I made a lot of memories with my Korean best friends. But in my future English is very important think my future,  so I came to Jordan. So at march I came to here. A few months I attended in ICS. I could met lot friends of different countries. So l could know other countries culture and languages. I attended a few months and then I came to KING'S ACADEMY. Now I making new friends, so I want to enjoy the KING'S ACADEMY. 


Place(s): Korea, India, Jordan

– H

Relationship:  Child of im/migrant Child of im/migrant