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Jake Towey

One thing that I own that reminds me of my ancestry is the sheleighly that sits by my living room window. My grandpa got it in Ireland,  while he was on vacation in Ireland visiting family about 10 years ago. While he was there my brother called him asking if he could get him a sheleighly. My brother wanted one because he had just learned about the martial art of stick fighting in school. My grandpa asked my cousins where he could get one and they brought him to a gift shop. The gift shop was in Dublin and at that gift shop he bought the sheleighly. A month later, he came home and gave the sheleighly to my brother my brother was very happy. It still sits by my window everyday. This always reminds me of my brother and my grandpa, but it especially reminds me about my connection to my Irish heritage. 

Place(s): Ireland Dublin New York

– JT

Relationship:  Grandchild of im/migrant Grandchild of im/migrant