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I used to play rummy with my bella
I used to play rummy with my bella

Now i don't own the exact set of cards but the image shown is the same style. Bella (my great grandmother) and i would go over to my grandmas house in the morning so that she could have someone to take care of her for the day and for me to get one the bus to school. She would always get there at 6:00am sharp no later no earlier. We would always sit down in the dark green recliner together and play rummy over and over again till i won. We used the same deck of cards everyday and we never sat anywhere else. All the same every morning. Until i was about 8. One day i was sitting in the living room waiting for Bella to come in so we could play cards and watch bubble guppies. Later that day i found out that she had passed away. I sat in the green recliner chair and cried with the rummy cards laid out on the fold up table. From that day on we've left those cards in the glass cabinet and we haven't touched them since. This object has sentimental value to me, my grandmother (Nanny), and hopefully my passed on Bella and will be passed down to me when i'm older. 

Place(s): My grandmas house

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