Eiffel Tower in Pyramid

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A picture of the prism and the case.
A picture of the prism and the case.

In 2017, I was 7 and it was one of my first times ever out of the United States of America. For Christmas, my family isn’t very crazy about it, all we do is have Santa gift us. That year I was gifted the possibility of going to Paris, of course I said yes and before I knew it we were walking in front of the Notre Dame. As we walked pass a store something on the edge of my eye caught my attention, a rainbow, and what it led to was a prism, made of glass with the Eiffel Tower inside of it. At the time and even right now I think it is so interesting how they created it and the rainbows it made, it is one of the few things ever that I have gotten as a souvenir, and now it represents the part of me that loves to travel and visit the world. 

Place(s): Paris
Year: 2017

– OM

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