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Sheet Music
Sheet Music

For as long as I can remember, music has made an active appearance in my life. From singing Italian ballads in front of an audience to playing the piano around my family, sheet music has always been there to assist the long legacy of musically-focused relatives in my family line. Although this seems like an ordinary stack of papers, this pile of written music holds the key to my memories around the piano, within performances, and with musical instruments, whether they be personal or involving my family and friends. As well as my song choices, this pile includes sheet music that has been passed down from my Mother’s immediate family who was always with an instrument preparing a new song.  After the performance of these pieces, I store all of my sheet music in a folder as a musical memento. For instance, as a look through my stacks of sheet music, I come across “Anema E Core” and think of my 2019 solo showcase performance where I dedicated this song to my ninety-year-old Grandmother. Also, the sheet music comes with an emotion or a feeling that takes over during the performance. Through the complexity of the musical composition- its key signature, tempo, dynamic markings- a certain feeling is established within me. Because of this quality of the sheet music, I am blessed to feel intuitively in the moment of the musical performance. In the future, I hope that more musical performances will come around so I can acquire more sheet music to capture these memories.

Place(s): New York, Long Island

– Hana Draskin

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