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bts peaches and cream butter albums
bts peaches and cream butter albums

I started off with a k-drama called true beauty. In that k-drama one of the main characters was a guy from a Korean boy band called Astro, so that got me into kpop. My sister at the moment was already into kpop, but she liked a group called Bts. I liked the group Astro for about a like 3 months, but then I came across a video of Bts. After that video I got into Bts more and started liking them more than Astro.. I then decided to stan them and become an army! (fandom name) After a few weeks the song "permission to dance" came out and along with that two butter albums. My birthday was near at the time so I asked my dad to buy it and he did! Both peaches and cream ver. When the package came i was so happy because it was my first  music/bts album ever! :) In the two albums were, two posters, two polaroid's, two messages, the lyrics to the song "Butter" and "Permission to Dance", pictures of all the members and two photoshoot books, AND two photo cards. The photocards are my favorite thing in the albums, so when I saw that I got my bias (Jimin) for one pc I almost cried!!! My other pc was an OT7 pic which wasn't the best but alright.

Place(s): Korea

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