Sewing Tools

Shin who own a pair of hands as light as the feathers when it comes to designing and lived all her life sewing for others back in Myanmar. As long as she had her sewing tools such as a pair of fabric scissors, threads, a tape measure and a sewing machine, she was always ready to create one of the most fabulous dresses and earned her own income independently and heartily. However, things changed when she moved to America in 2012 as she did not get hired as a professional tailor due to her lack of English and approval of certification as she left the country urgently. For several months, she kept these small sewing tools wrapped with newspapers and carried them inside her big handbags. Surprisingly, one day she got offers to make “Myanmar Pwal Tint Wont Sone” from the Burmese customers. She believed it was the luck from all these materials that she has been holding onto no matter what happened. She once said, “I value my working tools, they have been with me for over 20 years, and they always have been given me the money and the fortune”. After 2 years of working independently, she was hired as a sales assistant at a fabric store in downtown, Manhattan. At the realization of using English to communicate with the new customers made her smiled from ears to ears as if she finally owned something. With a hope, she said “I need to earn a certificate, by that time things will be easier for my professional career ”. These objects planted a new confidence soul in her.

Year: 2012

– K.Phyu

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