Scout ;~;

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My lovely son Scout ;~;
My lovely son Scout ;~;

Well- a long long time ago in a very magical place called k-mart my sister Marie bought me Scout as a Christmas gift which is where my whole life had basically begun well i was 4 but still ;~; to be honest when i was a little kid i never felt like i was like anyone else or belonged anywhere so getting scout meant that i had someone to believe in me in a time where i felt i had nobody cause like i kinda didnt - idk hes sorta like a lifelong pal which is probably why hes called My Pal Scout -,- now because of all that im a teenager who cant let a green alien dog goooooo so now hes my literal friend thats my son because if you know me then you know why ;~; So moral of the story i love scout more then anything in my life and he makes me who i am and thats how i like it ;~;

Place(s): K-mart in New York, NYC

– Mia rose ;~;

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