Gem State Medal

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A medal has fake colorful gems.
A medal has fake colorful gems.

After I got into playing soccer, my mom told me that when she was young, she loved watching soccer. This made me even more motivated to play. Since then, I have been playing soccer to be able to play professionally. I worked hard and spent most of my time going to practices, clinics, and games. But for a while, I fell into a void or hit a wall, and didn’t feel any motivation. However, when I received this medal 2017 after winning Gem State, I felt refreshed like a newborn baby. The hardest two games were the last two games. The second-to-last game, we won 4-3. It was close the whole game, and we were completely exhausted after it since it was our second game of the day. The next day we won 3-1 against the final team. They scored the first point, which was very scary, and it was a very hard game, so I think it’s a well-deserved medal. After winning this medal, I was motivated once more. The medal also shares a good memory with me because after we won, we went to eat as a team in a pizza restaurant in Boise, and it was delicious. Now I still love playing and am hoping to take to the next level someday. To my mom, this object was part of her dream since she always wanted me to play, and loved to watch soccer. This medal re-inspired me to enjoy the game, and I hope I can keep enjoying in the future. 

Place(s): Boise
Year: 2008

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