School backpacks

Relationship: Im/migrant

           One thing can inspire me was the school backpack form China. Because  I remember my school backpack bought form my mom’s friend form China. I still used the school backpack until right now. The reason why school backpack can inspire me keep studying until now because I have a lot of  memory for this school backpack. When I came to united states for the first time my mom’s friend decided to bought me a school backpack for me. My mom’s friend hope this school backpack can help me being more independent in united states. However I love this school backpack doesn’t mean the gift form my mom’s friend it was the school backpack inspire me to study , I understand the situation to being a new immigrant from united states but I will keep learning English and never give up . The school backpack remind me to become better person and never give up to keep trying  learn English.             The school backpack made in china also the quality was excellent . The school backpack I would keep using until the I get the other new school backpack. But I would remember my mom’s friend told me before he bought me a school backpack. He told me  being a new immigrant in united states must  workd harder than other person but never give up yourself and try to help other new immigrant have better life in united states. So I think the school backpack have a lot of meaning for me even I don’t use the school backpack any more 

– Ling

Relationship:  Im/migrant Im/migrant