Crystal Vase

This crystal vase was a gift from my grandparents for my mom during her wedding day as a reminder of not only the connection she had with her parents and her hometown in Poland, but her new economically stable identity. My grandparents kept the vase 5 years prior my mother’s immigration to the U.S in 1992. Since then, my mom was working in a hospital though she didn’t had a B.A and wasn’t well paid. As a result she wouldn’t continue working as she decided to make a living in New York City where she would could go back to school. My grandparents made a living through selling the vegetables they grew, the milk they extracted from cows, and the rabbits they raised. My grandmother decided to buy a vase so they would feel a sense of joy after how much they put up through to make a living. After all those hard months working, my grandparents placed the tulips they grew in the vase and felt great satisfaction. Because my grandparents didn’t had visas, they sent the vase to my mom in order to commemorate the admirable years to come financially and emotionally as a nurse so she would place flowers there and observe how it feels. There is more to look forward to and be grateful for after my educational success, such as personal desires and have something which would give me a sense of comfort.

Year: 1993

– Krystian Pchelka

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