In Attire

I came from Yemen. When I came here I was really sad because I left the people who I love, but after a few days I got happy because when I was coming to the U.S, my aunt gave me a scarf! That was wonderful because if I miss her, I may look at the scarf and remember her. The scarf is one of the only things that helps me feel better because I remember her and that makes me comfortable. I love her and I love every thing that is from her. It is not just a scarf, but it connects me to Yemen. When I left my country and came to New York City, i was quiet because I was sad. I have never think about leaving my country before, but where ever you go, your country is still your country. i still love my country and i still love the people in my country and i miss all of them specially my aunt.and i miss my country too. That scarf became the best thing that i get ever, even if is just a little thing, it means a lot for me.

Year: 2015

Relationship:  unknown unknown