Pandora Bracelet Pt. 2

In Attire
Relationship: Child of im/migrant
The entire bracelet
The entire bracelet

No one is as hard working, dedicated, and yet such a kind and caring person who always makes time for her kids. Also, she makes the best food ever. No one food tastes as good as her food. This could also represent our family culture in some ways as each charm means something. Those charms could be an identity for what they mean. The football helmet was meant for my brother who was arguably the best out of all of us at football. Football could be his identity as he loves the sport and tries to continue to play it. The one with the heart and happy anniversary is for my mom’s 30th anniversary of my mom and my dad being married which is a huge milestone in their marriage. My beautiful wife's charm is a dedication from my dad to her as he meant to show his love for her and his deep care. The grandma charm is from her 6 grand kids and it was given around Christmas time last year. The infinite heart was given from her daughter in law as representative of a strong person who holds the family together and has an infinite amount of love for her. The sister charm was given from her sister and there was something engraved in it stating “You don’t see them but they're always there.” The dog paw is for our dog Jax as he is a big part of this family. The triple hearts were for her 47th birthday which shows how much she has grown. She has two mom charms as one was for Mother’s Day and the other was given to me and my dad for being the best mom(specifically the heart locket). 

Place(s): Chicago

– Juan Carlos

Relationship:  Child of im/migrant Child of im/migrant