Salutatorian Medal

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8th Grade Salutatorian Medal
8th Grade Salutatorian Medal

This Salutatorian Medal represents my hard work and dedication during my 8th grade year. But it just doesn’t mean that, it has more of a meaning it shows the proudest moment in my parents life and some of my memorable childhood memories. Without my parents I wouldn’t have gotten that medal nor be enrolled in a private catholic school. I wanted to make my parents proud and let them see how good and smart their youngest son was. I will forever cherish the memories I made in that school. The family that we created in that class will be unforgettable. No matter what we never let any of our classmates down and we will do anything we can to make them feel better and support them like family. Thanks to my parents I earned something that truly means a lot to me and create some of my memorable memories in my childhood. 

– Francisco Munoz

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