Ring and Cross Necklace

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Ring and Cross hanging on a chain
Ring and Cross hanging on a chain

It was a warm afternoon in the spring of 2014; I was walking out of St. Mathews because moments ago I had communion for the first time.  My nana, despite being a non-denominational Christian, gave me this necklace as a present for my first communion because she understood that this was an important ceremony for Catholic children.  Before this I hadn’t owned any nice jewelry before; I think this is where my love of jewelry started. 
Then in 2022, nine years later as my abuelita and I were sitting on the couch, she then took a ring off her finger and handed it to me.  She went on to explain that her father gave her a piece of jewelry on her birthday every year and she assumed that would stop when he passed away.  The birthday after her fathers passing she was getting into her car and noticed a little box.  She opened it and there was a ring.  The ring is gold with very delicate details on it.  She believes that this was her father’s way of saying happy birthday to her despite not being there anymore, and I believe it too.  Sadly the ring does not fit me, so I put it on the chain along with the cross.  Jewelry is my first love.  It is something that I use as a tool to express myself and to cheer myself up on a bad day.  I love each piece of jewelry I own equally, but there are a few pieces with a special place in my heart.  The ring and the cross necklace are special to me because they come from two important people in my life.  I hope to one day pass the ring and cross necklace down to someone I can trust to take care of my jewelry. 

– ER.

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