Hmong Clothes

In Attire

 My object is called Hmong clothes. My object is made from thread or silk, but then it came from a horse and silkworms first before people prepared the colors and the things to make clothes. You have to wear it on important or traditional days that you have. The reason why I came here from Laos was because of the evil spirits killing our relatives or family or because of WAR. And in our place that we were born we had many types of animals and we also hunted differently because of the things that we didn’t have. How we hunted was by shooting animals for food, the animals that we hunt are boars, pigs, chicken, squirrels, birds. In Laos we also do embroidery. Since we didn’t have anything to use to be able to cook our food we just made a fire using sticks and leaves. My object was made in many colors of embroidery, it can be like the colors of rainbow. My object is different because it is all separated and they aren’t like other outfits of different cultures or religion. But since many things have been changed since we moved here we got a better life and things are more easier for us. You can usually find Hmong 

clothes at the Hmong store or you can just make it but it will take a lot of time though. When doing embroidery it takes time because you have to make it pretty so that others will buy them. 

Place(s): Loas, St. Paul, Minnesota
Year: 2009

– Kaosheng Yang

Relationship:  Im/migrant who arrived as a child Im/migrant who arrived as a child