Rice cooker

Soak in the rice What is seen on the outside seems like a ordinary rice cooker but we’ve always learned to not judge a book by it's cover because this simple kitchen tool holds much more meaning and significance then what is perceived. Although not a common dish in America, rice is daily part of an east asian individuals meal. When my parents immigrated from their east asian country of china to pursue their american dream they had to adjust to their new environment. Unlike their rural homeland of China, the wild and loud city of Salt Lake City Utah was a completely new and unique experience for them. Although for the most part adjusting to their new surroundings was a struggle, food was the hardest part. The McDonalds burger that we are all so acclimated to was a completely new and different experience for my parents. Coming from China with little money, my parents could only afford fast food. While attending BYU and working a full time minimum wage job my parents eventually had enough money to buy things for their own. They used the little money that they had to buy a rice cooker. With it came all the sweet memories of their homeland. This one machine led them to the only taste of home they could get and all the fond memories with it. Although it is a ordinary rice cooker to others, this machine represents the hardship my parents faced trying to pursue their american dream.

Year: 1980

– Dragon Peng

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