Marble Photo

“Hey vlákas!” I shouted at him in greek. I would have never been able to say that if it wasn’t for my greek background. This object is a picture of Santorini, Greece that has been carved into a piece of marble, and it’s only purpose is to hang it on display. This marble picture was given to me by my father, so that It could remind me of our background. My father told me about this object because he is from Greece and he immigrated over to the United States with his parents when he was 14. For the most part, holidays and traditions here in the United States parallel most holidays in Greece, so I connect this object to many holidays, not just one. Even though I relate this to many holidays, the one I associate this closest with is Greek Easter. This object is important to me because it reminds me that I am greek and that is a part of my culture and a part of my personality and because of this photo, it has made me look into the greek culture and many of the things they do and I have taken on some of those habits into my personality and my daily life.

Year: 1972

– Chris

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