Jamaican Black Cake

My object is called Jamaican black cake. It’s from Jamaica. The recipe was passed down from my great- grandma, to my grandma, to my mom, and finally to me. To make black cake it will take 5 hr. and 30 min. to prep and cook. My grandma came here in 1990 with her daughters looking for more opportunity. She brought with her this recipe. Black cake is used for special occasions like weddings and other parties. The reason why I picked this object is because it reminds me of my great grandma and it also reminds me of my Jamaican heritage. Jamaican black cake tastes very good. Sometimes, it has frosting on it because the frosting makes it sweet. The cake itself isn’t very sweet. Did you know that when the black cake is done you don’t taste the rum in it? BLACK CAKE INGREDIENTS• 1 cup pitted dates• 1 cup dried figs • 11/4-cup port whine and 11/4 cup with rum• ½ cup of sliced almonds• ½ cup of brandied cherry• ½ cup of currants, raisins and prunes• 2 cups of four sifted• 2 cups of brown sugar • 1 teaspoon of backing powder• ½ teaspoon of ground all spice, cinnamon, cloves and nutmeg• Pinch of slat• 1 teaspoon of molasses• 1 teaspoon of browning• 5 eggs Jamaican black cake is a dessert cake, which contains rum. In most Caribbean islands rum cakes are the most traditional holiday season dessert descended from the holiday pudding. Just remember the next time you go to a Jamaican restaurant ask for Jamaican black cake!

Year: 1980

– Janiyah

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