matzo ball soup recipe

Matzo ball soup
Matzo ball soup

My object is my great grandma's matzo ball soup recipe.  It is an amazing part of my culture during Passover.Passover is a holiday that celebrates the Jews freedom from the Egyptians who enslaved us. My great grandmother founded this recipe in Minsk, Russia (a place in Russia). 
My great grandmother,   Natalia Epstein aka Nata, is  my great  grandmother. She is alive at the age of 89. She came here in 1988 with my mother and grandmother. Nata always makes it for Passover for the family. She 100% wins MVP cook of the family. Matzo ball soup is  made out of matzo meal shaped into a ball soup in my family, usually chicken noodle soup with some pelmeni,  but that's something else. I don't know what I would do without Nata.
I want to ask Nata some questions  such as  what age did you make the recipe?   Do you still have the recipe?  Well she is still alive so I will ask her the next time I see her.  

Place(s): Minsk

– YW

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