Report Card

Report Card from 7th Grade
Report Card from 7th Grade

School has always been an important part in me and my families life. I’ve always worked hard in school to get good grades and make my family proud. When I had first started elementary school, my mom and grandma talked to me about the importance of school and the benefits of working hard and getting good grades. My parents would always tell me how proud they are of all my school accomplishments, so I would work harder to make them happier. My report cards, in my opinion, represent my hard work and my families support. At Parent Teacher Conferences at my elementary school, River East,  my mom would joke around and say,̈Do I really even have to go, I already know you ́re doing excellent.¨It's nice to hear my teachers talk about all the hard work I did and say how proud of me they were .When I was younger my mom would take me to buy a toy for my good grades. When I asked my mom about how my report cards make her feel about me she responded with, ̈It makes me proud to be your mom.” Not everybody is as serious about school, and my family always worked hard to make sure I didn't become one of those people. Some people think of a report card as a piece of paper but for me and my family, it's so much more.  

Place(s): New York

– SM

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