Remembering My Great Grandma

To remember my great grandma
To remember my great grandma

 This image represents my great grandma. This was made to remember my great grandma and her legacy. She was originally from Ireland so she came to America as an immigrant. When she was in Ireland she lived in a house that had dirt floors, that is one of the reasons she came to America. When she came to America she came with her husband in their twenties. When they got approval to go past the gates and start a new life they had an idea in mind to help them grow in their new economy. They slowly started to build a family owned business in Chicago, which is where they lived.  But the building that they opened together was a grocery store selling all kinds of things. They were mostly selling fruits and vegetables to be able to support other families as well as their own. When they were ready they did start a family. They had four daughters, all of them grew older as time went on and didn’t care for a family business so they moved on with their lives. The daughters all had families that would come into the small grocery store to see their grandma and grandpa working hard and would help when they came over. Decades went by until they retired from the shop and closed it down for good because none of their daughters wanted to own the store when they had their own lifes ahead of them. Which led to my great grandma dying of old age happy that she could have a family of her own and not in Ireland living in a house that had no floors. To remember her the daughter made a cross to never forget about her.


Place(s): Ireland to Chicago
Year: 1935

– Ryan Impey

Relationship:  Great-grandchild of im/migrant or more Great-grandchild of im/migrant or more