Naval Academy College Pennant

The events of my life and family all began in the summer of 1978 on the campus of the United States Naval Academy. Earlier, my dad decided to attend the Naval Academy. Importantly, this is a college pennant of the United States Naval Academy that my dad got during his four years. Initially, he gave it to my older brother, Harrison, but my brother left it to me after he left for college. After four years and a few years in the navy, my dad attended a navy party, and this is where he met my mom. However, the decision to join the navy, or any part of the military, will always lead to moving around quite often. Once again, since we are a “navy family”, we moved very frequently over the years. As a matter of fact, I have lived all over in many different places, such as Washington state, Italy, Virginia, and New York. Generally speaking, moving around so much has made me who I am today. Surprisingly, I have always been open to new places and people. For instance, I was very open to the idea of moving from Washington to New York when I was only ten years old. Now, this open-mindedness is due to the navy. However, moving a lot is not the only aspect of the navy that has affected me. For example, the tight knit community of the navy has always welcomed our family, or any family for that matter, and made every place we have moved feel very welcoming.

Year: 1914

– Ethan Tack

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