Red Envelope

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Relationship: Im/migrant

The object I wanted to tell about my immigration story is a red envelope. Red envelope is only giving in Chinese New Year, and most was given to children and family, never sees that adult get a red envelope. Inside the red envelope was money, so every time when my friend and I got the red envelope, we will show it to each other and seen which one got the most money. In China red envelope was like a present for kid at Chinese New Year, is similar to Christmas children get the present from their parent. Red envelope was important for me because when I immigrate to New York, I had get red envelope from parent, but I didn’t like it so much in China does, like children holding red envelope and surrounding each other watching firecracker on the street. I didn’t sees a lot of place that people celebrate it, like in Manhattan only china town a lot of people are celebrate it , like lion and dragon dance on the street. Many people just use that day for making business, in the street people just make business like regular days. In China people or family that work on other places, will going back to their hometown and celebrate with their family it, and people will close their business, and making lion and dragon dance on street. In New York, when I came here I haven’t any friend, and I doesn’t talk to other children a lot in school. In Chinese New Year, when I got the red envelope, I wasn’t excited anymore and I was thinking about China because I misses my friends and my grandpare

Year: 2006

– Justin Li

Relationship:  Im/migrant Im/migrant