Ready Player One (Book)

The day was a  sunny afternoon, the year was 2016  and I was in 8th grade and the school day just ended. I was relaxing on my couch reading an assigned book. I wasn’t particularly interested in it, but I’m pretty invested in American literature. It’s basically a part of me. The thing with me is that I usually put stuff I don’t like to do aside until the last minute, and on that day, coincidentally, my brother introduced me to a new book “Ready Player One” he thought I would be interested in it, and correct he was, I was drawn to it and started reading it the next day. Not knowing what would happen, I introduced my friend to the book as well, I said that he would be interested in it as well, he didn’t give me a direct response, but I was sure he would’ve read it. After a week, he came to talk to me about the book and if he could borrow it, I quickly agreed without knowing that the book was owned by a library, I only knew this after school ended on a Friday and the book was due tomorrow. I quickly acted and ran to the library in order to use their computers, because my internet was out. I got to the library and had to wait about 50 minutes in order to renew the book. 

Year: 2002

– Merlin Radoncic

Relationship:  Im/migrant who arrived as a child Im/migrant who arrived as a child