Quran book that describes a way of life.
Quran book that describes a way of life.

This is a picture of the Quran. The Quran helped me when I was feeling down and when I got diagnosed with diabetes. When I read the Quran, I felt happier and knew that Allah -God- is always with me everywhere I go. The Quran is fundamental in every Muslim household. It is noor -light- to our hearts and huda -guidance- for our lives. My parents taught me that the Quran is the only thing that I need in life. We believe that the Quran could help us with anything and anywhere we go. The Quran represents Islam and teaches Muslims. The Quran is the words of Allah, which were sent down by the angel Gabriel, and he taught the prophet Muhammed how to read it. The Quran teaches Muslims how to live their lives the right way. The Quran tells us stories about the past of our religion and brings us sabr -peace- and tawakkul -to trust- in Allah’s plans. I am planning on teaching the same thing to my kids one day.

Place(s): Middle East

– R.A

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