A prayer mat

My prayer mat.
My prayer mat.

A prayer mat. It’s from Bangladesh. My grandma sent it to us on my father's side. The prayer mat is used for salah (namaz) everyday. What is a salah ? Saleh are prayers performed by Muslims. Facing the qibla,the direction of the Kaaba with respect to those praying. My whole family uses the prayer mat. The prayer mat is made out of fabric.The color of this prayer mat is blue. You can find a lot of prayer mats at the mosque. Many new prayer mats are made by weavers in a factory. Prayer mats are usually decorated with many beautiful geometric patterns and shapes and decorated with images. These images are usually important Islamic landmarks, such as the Kabba, but they are never animate objects. This is because the drawing of animate objects on Islamic prayer mats is forbidden.It’s important because we use it everyday. Prayer mats are very important and most Muslims have them. It is something a lot of us share in common. Our prayer mats are made carefully and have a lot of details. This connects to how Muslim art is very beautiful and detailed even though we can't draw animate objects.One question I have is why do muslims use prayer mats?I love my family and ancestors.I’m so grateful and thankful to them.I feel so good about the artifact.I hope I can take care of it well.I feel grateful about having a family culture like mine.

Place(s): Bangladesh
Year: 2021

– FS

Relationship:  Grandchild of im/migrant Grandchild of im/migrant