Pulled Pork Sandwich

Grandpa making pulled pork
Grandpa making pulled pork

The lean part of the pig, vinegar, crushed red pepper, hot sauce, salt, and black pepper the recipe of the famous pulled pork being made by my grandfather in the picture. But originally my great-grandfather passed it down to my grandfather, then to my mom and aunt, and now me. It all started in North Carolina a staple through the black community in the South. This is where my great- grandparents and grandfather lived. It`s used during Christmas, family reunions, and church affairs. 
I can smell it now, the soft and tender pork being soaked in its homemade sauce. Made up of hot sauce and vinegar. My grandfather told my mom and aunt about this recipe so they would be able to pass it down to me. This recipe was not only just a staple through our family but through the community, it was from. People boned and shared memories while making this dish. It might be made from the shoulder of a pig but, which some people might find gross but it is delicious on a sandwich. 

Place(s): North Carolina, New York


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