In my home, a traditional Hispanic dessert that I’ll find baking at least once a month is budín, also known as bread pudding. Basically the same bread pudding my mom makes now, my grandmother made before her. Using fresh white, wheat or French bread loaves, my grandma made it for her mom and all her siblings from scratch as it could easily be made with a bit of butter and eggs, which, when you were poor, was all you had. In those days, in order to keep bread from spoiling, you’d bake it into something new. Because it’s been around for years, there are many recipes to try and people make it with just about any bread they have left in their pantry, but mine is special to me and my family alone. The thing I love the most is more than the flavor but the history of love in my family. When you don’t have a box cake and you make something from scratch, there isn’t really a right or wrong way. The great thing about bread, even a day old, is that after it gets wet and grinded down it still rises again, which kind of reminds me of my family.

Year: 1957

– Joelle Tirado

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