Relationship: Im/migrant

My object is enchiladas which are made with a chicken rolled in a tortilla covered with spicy sauce which is from Mayan times. When my parents gave me enchiladas, I rejected eating it, as I hated spice and did not like trying out new things. Even though my parents give enchiladas at random, I feel like it important to me. It’s like a symbol to which it represents trying new things out instead of being in a small island not knowing anything else. Not only that, but since it is from Mayan times, perhaps showing I am Mayan. Because of this, I like to think of enchiladas as the first towards being a progressive, wanting change as long it’s the good type. The spice may be the turn off, but the chicken, tortilla, avocados are what really makes me enjoy enchiladas.

Year: 1990

– Emmanuel M.

Relationship:  Im/migrant Im/migrant