Praying Rug

Relationship: Im/migrant

We are doing an immigration study so my teacher asked us to bring in a object that is important to our culture. When I got home I had asked my mom what object I should bring to school. She handed me a praying mat from the top shelf of my living room. I was so amused by the colors and patterns on the praying mat. I never noticed the praying mat because I don't pray yet. My mom told me the patterns are symbols of islamic religion. This praying mat is important to me and where I come from (Albania) because my mom and her parents always visited the mosque and prayed using the praying mat. There are various ways of praying in different religions. In islamic religion we use the praying mat.
The praying mat has a very strong meaning. It is taken care of in a respectful manner. It is disrespectful for one to keep a prayer mat in a dirty or dusty space. (muslims have to be clean to show their respect to god.) In some cultures decorations are not only important but making sense of the value of design on the prayer mat.
A prayer mat is used by muslims. It is placed between the ground and the worshipper. During the positions of islamic prayer which involves posture and sitting on the ground. A muslim must perform wudu before prayer. The worshipper should also be praying in a clean environment. The top of the praying mat has to be pointed toward the islamic center for praying. 

Place(s): Albania
Year: 1997

– Melina

Relationship:  Im/migrant Im/migrant