Cross Necklace

My object is my cross. It is also called a rosary. My religion is Christianity. It have learned to use it in prayer from my Polish school that also teaches religion. My cross is used for praying. It has fifty beads on the string and is also attached to the cross. There are five different prays I say every ten beads I hold. When I get to the cross I say what I wish for. My grandpa uses it in Poland every day in the morning, afternoon and night. My family uses it when they can. This rosary is plastic and string and has five clear beads and fifty blues broken up in groups of ten. It is usually made of wood, crystal beads, sterling silver, and even gold too. It is important to me because it helps me feel better about my concerns and what I worry about. It was given to me on my communion so that I can pray with it. Communion is when you can receive the symbolic body and blood of Christ. This is an important part of being a Christian. I love the summers I spend in Poland in the country-side where my grandpa lives. It has been there that I have learned to speak Polish fluently as well as eat many yummy Polish foods. I love praying with my rosary beads with grandpa in his country home.

Year: 2000

– William

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