Tashbih is one of the important, holy items for Muslim people. We used them to complete the prayer so God will not judge you or minus your credit but when you used them you have more chance to have as quickly as possible what you ask him, that’s what all the Tijane like me, my family, believe. At the start of 2018 (Ramadan) my grand-mother who came from Egypt gave me one beautiful Tashbih because when she knew that I have already finished 3 times reading the Quran and one time memorizing it. She felt proud of me and to my parent to paid $3000 every 4 months for me to memorized the Quran. She decided to come back to the country with the last Tashbih that my grand father have used before he died in 1995 and asked my dad & mom that ”take care of your younger son and give him everything that he needs in his life and don’t give him to much space because if you follow all these things that I said to you remember this he will be one of the important and rich people in the country(Guinea)." One year later after my grandma came to Guinea, she told my dad to make a visa for me and my other half brother and sisters, my dad accept what she said and make a visa for us to come to the U.S. After hearing that I was so sad because I will miss my best friend and also I was happy because I will create my future and bring her (my best friend here) since that day I always have a Tashbih in my backpack. For me, a Tashbih is not only an object/thing but it's resume my whole life, memories, and my migration to the United States.

Place(s): Egypt,Guinea
Year: 1995

– B

Relationship:  Great-grandchild of im/migrant or more Great-grandchild of im/migrant or more