Relationship: Im/migrant
Old ancient watch
Old ancient watch

My grandparents never had the opportunity to travel. I never had a chance to meet them, I have spoken with my grandfathers when I was around 6 years old but my grandmothers died early. In the 1990s my parents immigrated to the US to have more opportunities and safety for the children. After 18 years, my dad went back to Guinea because my grandfather was sick and was in the hospital. When he went there, my grandfather gave him all his legacy and a watch that was passed generation by generation before he passed. The Meaning behind that watch is.  that now you are responsible for the family and you will start making decisions for the big family. Every year on Eid Al-Adha our family kills some cows and goats to make a sacrifice for those who were dead and for goals for next year. A year later, my dad was coming back to the US but something happened. It was the death of my grandfather. He couldn’t bare the thought that my grandfather passed away and now it's time for him to be in charge. At that time I was  7 years old and I grew up in New York City In 2010, I went to Guinea with my family to learn more about my culture and about the watch that I didn’t know about. After 8 years, my father taught me a lot about my religion. Every year we have celebrated two Eids and we have made a lot of sacrifices for ourselves and my late grandfather. In 2019, when I was returning back to America my dad gave me his watch and told me that when I grow up I will be the next leader of my family.

Place(s): New York City and Guinea
Year: 1990

– AD

Relationship:  Im/migrant Im/migrant