Baby Jesus

Relationship: Child of im/migrant
Small statue of baby Jesus
Small statue of baby Jesus

 This small baby Jesus made out of plastic and mud that came from Mexico is much more than a statue to my family. He is a representation of our catholic religion and Mexican race which we are proud of. Most importantly he is our protector “Who takes care of us from bad things.”  Also, someone we pray to. Back in 1997 when my mom and her siblings were crossing the Mexican border to come to the United States, my family would pray to baby Jesus that he would help them not get caught by the policemen. Once they made it to America they would go to church every Sunday to keep their religion going on. When I was one year old my mom introduced me to the catholic religion by baptizing me and ever since I have kept Jesus very close to my heart. To show our respect to him we have a huge celebration on Christmas eve where we sing songs to him and rock him in our arms. Personally, Jesus is very important to me since he is part of my identity since he represents my family as a whole and our religion and race which I’m very proud of.  Also, he helps me when I have problems and as my mom said “ have peace in the heart and be a good person”

Place(s): Mexico, New York
Year: 1997


Relationship:  Child of im/migrant Child of im/migrant