Prayer Rug

For Muslims, prayer rugs serve as the core of our religion and what we believe in. We pray on it to show our devotion to our God, which is the most important part of our faith. Thus, prayer rugs are a staple in every traditional Muslim home. However for my family and I, this particular prayer rug is symbolic of much more. My father purchased this prayer rug back when he was living in Saudi Arabia, in 1995. When I was born and growing up there, this prayer rug was something I saw almost everyday as my father prayed. Since then, this prayer rug has come with us when we traveled to Bangladesh and eventually came to America. It has visited as many countries as I have and has been around longer than I have, and that is something I find particularly amazing. It's been the one staple in my family's life as we grew older. Since I was little to now when I am older, this prayer rug has always been with my family, the one constant in our lives. For me the prayer rug is not just a symbol of faith and devotion but also a symbol of the old and the new, the growth from childhood to adulthood.

Year: 1995

– Talha Islam

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